I'm originally from SoCal, but am currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona. I like thinking big thoughts. I strive to write readable and performant code. I hope to leave the world better off than I found it.
Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Software EngineerTuft & Needle

    Sep, 2015 - Present Recently joined

    Tuft & Needle is an online mattress manufacture and retailer company based in Phoenix, Arizona and is a direct supplier of mattresses throughout America.

  • Web DeveloperJetPack Enterprises

    Feb, 2015 - Aug, 2015 6 months

    JetPack Enterprises is a Phoenix-based company that offers web, mobile, and desktop development and consulting services.

    • Utilized the CoffeeScript, JavaScript, and Ruby programming languages in conjunction with the Ruby on Rails web framework
    • Performed full-stack development of web applications
    • Repaired, refactored, and added features to legacy software projects
  • Co-founderBloom & Speak Bilingual Tx

    Jan, 2012 - Jan, 2015 3 years 1 month

    Bloom & Speak is a speech therapy company serving children throughout the Phoenix-Metro Area.

    • Conducted market research, created business plan, developed short and long term strategies
    • Obtained funding, negotiated contracts with state agencies and insurance companies
    • Taught myself computer programming for business automation tasks
  • Public Safety 911 OperatorMesa Police Department

    Feb, 2011 - Mar, 2013 2 years 1 month

    • Answered emergency phone calls, made timely appropriate responses based on department policy and personal judgment
    • Relayed information to first-responders, coordinated dispatch, gave instructions to callers in life-threatening situations
  • Transportation Security OfficerTransportation Security Administration

    Dec, 2007 - Jan, 2011 3 years 2 months

    • Conducted covert auditing of airport security checkpoints as part of the 'Red Team'


  • Programming Languages
    CoffeeScript JavaScript Ruby SQL
  • Web Application Frameworks
    Angular.js Backbone.js Ruby on Rails
  • Web Technologies
    Bootstrap Materialize Chrome Dev Tools CSS Git HTML jQuery Jasmine Markdown Minitest RSpec


  • Political Science, Bachelor of Science,  Arizona State University

    Aug, 2005 - May, 2009

    CSE 110 - Introduction to Programming in Java CSE 120 - Fundamentals of Digital Design CSE 200 - Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures MAT 265 - Calculus for Engineers PHI 313 - Probability, Evidence, and Decision