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  • PredictionNote

    PredictionNote is a public prediction sharing application originally inspired by PredictionBook. It was built using the Ruby on Rails open source web application framework written in Ruby. I used a custom authentication system utilizing the bcrypt key derivation function to protect user credentials. Web page styling was done using custom CSS and the Bootstrap framework. Javascript's jQuery library was used for sending and receiving data from the server asynchronously and the tutorial makes use of the sherpherd.js.

  • ShmactiveRecord

    ShmactiveRecord is an experimental object-relational mapping implementing the active record design pattern. It was created in November 2014 while I was attending App Academy. I wrote the program using test-driven development, and split the project into 4 phases (each with their own set of tests). It has all of the most common methods used in Ruby on Rails-flavored version of ActiveRecord, including all, save, update, find, find_by_id, and the has_many, has_one, belongs_to, and has_many_through associations.

  • Zendorator

    Zendorator is a web application that generates rules for Zendo, the game of inductive inference.


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I'm originally from SoCal, but am currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona. I like thinking big thoughts. I strive to write idiomatic and performant code. I hope to leave the world better off than I found it.